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  1. Sounds fun. I can think of few people suitable for this job as much as our Lady of Smilies. However I hope after having lived in UK most of your life Egypt is not too much of a culture shock for you.
  2. I moved here to be school librarian, then decided I wanted to teach now teaching while completing teaching qualification. I teach 5 year olds.
  3. I moved to Estonia for studying. EAP is in Finland and it means we can get to meet each other now and then. It is very nice after being away from him in the last seven years. And I would accept your excuse seeing you aren't going to have one anymore anyway! What exactly is nature of your work in Cairo?
  4. Oh where did you move to? My excuse was I moved to Egypt and into work accomodation and only have dongle internet and until last month this went insane whenever I tried to log in.
  5. Whoa long time no see. I hope you have a genuine excuse to explain your absence And what are you doing in Cairo? I am quite well, thanks. Life in a new country so far away from home is so different from what I was used to but it is very educative. I am learning loads and very satisfied with the experience so far.
  6. Thanks Pensy! I'm still in Cairo. Probably will be for at least 1 more year then who knows? How are you??
  7. Happy Birthday, Night! I hope you are doing well wherever you are
  8. Hello there! How's it going? What's up lately?
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