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  1. Hi Yanni,

    I strongly recommend you install Skype. It's completely free and you can talk live (free of charge worldwide). All my colleagues and associates are on Skype and it's really impossible to make long emails these days on so many issues.

    Anyway, I believe you would wonder why you've not done it before. Just a suggestion.


  2. Hi Robert,

    Thanks for your chat call but I'm not familiar with skype (never used it). For something more private, you may always contact me via hotmail.

    Best regards.
  3. Hi there Yanni.

    My skype is Robnewman2

    It would be good to hear from you one day for a chat.
  4. Hi there Yanni,

    Best wishes to the people of Greece in the struggle for their national survival. Regards Robert Newman
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