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  1. Yanni,
    You posted your response on your page, so I didn't see until I made this random visit.
    Yes; it sounds like things are quite bleak over there, a fact that has been further circulated by "Docheart"; another member from Athens.

    Hope things improve soon for you and your country.

  2. Yanni !!
    How have you been my friend?
    I just noticed you were on line.

  3. Yanni,
    I'll second Robert's well wishes.
    Are you weathering the situation well?
  4. Oops... I may have passed over your Mozart gift. I will make it a point to go back and see if I can find it.
  5. In place of Saint Nicolas, orthodox greeks celebrate Saint Basil from Caesarea,Asia Minor, who also comes loaded with "presents" .

    He definitely had no part in Mozart manufacturing but I am convinced he assisted me a lot deciphering Edgar Allen Po-casin (or whatever his actual name was).

    Did you unwrap my present to you (in my last "Mozart" post), or are you still busy solving the Poe quiz?

    Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year to you too, Gilliat.
  6. Yanni,

    Hope you have (or are having by now) a safe and merry Christmas.
    Did St. Nicholas play a part in the manufacture of Mozart?

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