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  1. I'm glad if I can be of any help, though even small. I hope you'll be feeling a bit more relieved everyday.
  2. Hey Max Thank you for your words... this make me move on ..
  3. Hi, hoopie, and welcome back!!!

    ♥ I read your post about your dad, I'm truly sorry for your loss, and I hope you will eventually overcome all the sadness you must be feeling at present ♥

    Stay strong!
  4. Hey Max .. am back .. its been a while .. a long time well .. I missed the forum and the friends .
    Hope u r doing well
  5. 100/100 that's awesome it's seems that you're really working hard ;p
    All this will be worth it when u graduate, trust me . Good luck !

    Am now working in the casuality & ER it's even harder than surgical dept.
    One shift we had two death in a less than 3 hrs one cardiac arrest & the other MI
    It's hell ! I come home with swollen legs

    But am alive
  6. Hi hoopie!

    I take two exams in February and the rest of courses I already dealt with. The first year courses, that is. It's been an interesting end of year, quite different and harder than previous ones, although rewarding in spite of the hard work, and I got a 100/100 on my first essay ever

    How have you been? I noticed your work as a nurse is keeping you on the edge. That's a really tough job but I'm sure you're strong enough to deal with it.
  7. hi Max !
    how r u doing ? hows ur exams going ?
  8. Hi hoopie!

    This is to wish you a road with as few obstacles as possible for 2012:

  9. Very often the farther is the closer. There's nothing to thank, that's what friends are for
  10. Thanks alot Max.. your wonderful... you really made me happy remembering my birthday when close ones didn't
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