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  1. And to think it all started here, almost 3 years ago. Who would've thunk we'd end up married.
  2. Happy Anniversary, my darling wife. I love you.
  3. She didn't do too badly for her self either....we're married!
  4. Don't I know it.
  5. She sounds like a great woman. You're a very lucky man.
  6. Maybe not, she's a super cool chick.
  7. Something tells me she won't mind.
  8. Shhh! Careful, baby, my wife might see that!
  9. Just stopping by to mention that I love you.
  10. I'll cut Qimissung some slack and say it is our exuberance, the intensity, our youthful passion that is indicative of a much younger couple. We don't exude the grim, tight-lipped business transaction quality of many middle-aged "romances". We are not a merger.
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