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  1. ugh i'm so bad at getting on here these days!! after me going on that i'd be online here more often and i didnt get on since may! life is just hectic at the moment. I miss this place terrible sometimes.
    School is going well. I've officially passed my level ones! now time to tackle level twos. there is not a hope I am ever juggling two courses at once again!
  2. Hey Niamh, It has been awhile. How's school?
  3. Hey hey Papaya! hows it going? been ages!
  4. hey! Doing the news on Tuesday and i need a book review!
  5. not to worry! Every bit of help.. well helps! I'm struggling these days with college. hence why i'd roped kilted to help... now i've recruited you too! thanks. It does mean a lot to me that you are willing to help.
  6. Crap! I picked one out but forgot to send it to you!!
  7. Hey! So didnt do the news today, doing it on sunday... just to let you know.
  8. Yeppers!!
  9. hey so you wanna select me a Review? Need it by Tuesday!
  10. not to worry! Just dont forget next time! hehe you still got credited for it though!
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