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  1. Thanks, dude. From the looks of things, someone revived the thread today, so you wouldn't be "necroposting" as you put it. I'm very interested on what your take is on a couple of the issues discussed.
  2. I was away from LitNet for a week or so (due to an enormous pile of marking!). I saw the comments, but I rather thought that the subject had moved on - I didn't want to be necroposting. That said, if you want an answer I'll try to give one - I'll see if I can make time in the next day or so to give it the attention it deserves!
  3. Things took a turn for the medieval on the Why Is Shakespeare considered the Greatest Writer Ever thread last week. I was hoping you might shed some light upon the discussion, if you are so inclined and you are not too busy. Best wishes, MT.
  4. Hey Loka, I was wondering if you'd care to weigh in on the value of an education in the humanities over on the Generating New Forms of Poetry thread.
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