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  1. Haha my horse is my meditation, also. When he's behaving. When he isn't behaving, or when other people at the barn are being asses, not so much.
    Festivals. I can't wait for summer here, and festivals. I want to make it to Glastonbury in the U.K this year, but tickets are sold out, next year, maybe.
    Plans? Hoping to travel this year, and got a job tree-planting for the summer, yourself?
  2. Ah jealousy strikes once more!
    I've been doing riding lessons actually, it's my meditation
    Not much else is happening besides festivals... so many festivals and much too much booze.
  3. Still in Canada, playing with my ponies! :P What about yourself? Haven't seen you on here in ages, then again, I haven't been around myself.
  4. HELLO! Where are you now, and what are you doing??
  5. Ohhh dear! You seem to lead a wacky life So what did and didn't they allow?

    I'm glad to hear you're doing well Can't complain about mucking around wtih ponies all day!
    I just broke it off with my fiance... So it's kind of weird at the moment. Things are looking good, but I'm still adjusting And I'm in the city

    No, no wombats here! They're over east. We did have one at the park that weighed over 40kg, we gave her away when the park moved though. She was pretty funny, vicious as all hell though. You'd go in her enclosure, and if she was awake she'd attack your shoes
  6. Uhh random (possibly tear-worthy) story. Actually, I don't even have to tell a whole story. My friend has a petting zoo with loads of animals. We were seeing what sorts of err... transportation... were allowed in the drive through at local restaurants.

    Everything is very well . All I'm really doing is working with the ponies... ride, ride, ride, muck stalls, ride, feed, load hay... etc... yourself? Do you have wombats about? I've always wanted to see one. It's a long lasting obsession.
  7. Oh man! Just thinking about it again is cracking me up again! Tell me! Tell me!! I'll let you know if they're tear worthy

    When I lived in Perth, I used to walk a lot or take public transport. I HATE driving in the city, it makes me nervous, I get the jitters and do stupid things. So, in short, I know what you mean. You go, you environmentally friendly person!! That's so funny that you take your rats everywhere with you in your coat! Well travelled rats!


    So how is everything going anyway? Well I hope.
  8. Glad I could make you laugh... I've got a whole stock of ridiculous stories as such, though I'm not sure they're tear worthy.

    I don't drive... haha. It scares me, for one, plus it's too expensive. I'd rather bike (and be environmentally friendly while I'm at it xD) My rats lived in my coat during the day (from about 8:00 a.m to six p.m) so they did go for bus rides everywhere. The time they were in their cage was an emergency. We went across a lot of Canada and Ontario, and just around my city. =)

    I take no offence to laughing at 'butt rash'... it's hilarious.
  9. Oh sorry, I just have to finish laughing my butt off and wipe the tears out of my eyes. Your last comment! Oh man, there I go again. I've got this mental image of your friend laying on their back completely helpless, just screaming and thrashing... It's rather amusing and I really must stop laughing.

    Ah, yes, I don't know if attending church with her for a year would be bareable. Well for me anyway. But then, trip of a lifetime... Oh I don't know. We'll just say luckily I'm not in that position.

    Yuck! I'm pretty happy with the temperatures where I am.
    I guess it's not such a problem if you can bike it everywhere, unless you need to go further. I miss being able to walk/catch public transport, I HATE driving! Especially in the city. Ha ha oops indeed! Did you regularly take your rats for bus rides? Where did you take them?

    Oh you are cracking me up tonight! Ha ha butt rash! Well obviously it's not nice for you, but it's just funny.
  10. I call her 'Evil Grandma' for a reason. She'd ask for something in return like, 'Attend church with me for a year' or something equally ridiculous . It DOES snow, from November-April, and gets to -30 occasionally. It's disgusting. I hate winter. I'd love to live somewhere on the equator

    I'd love to be able to go back in time for a variety of things. I don't drive: I wasn't at home when I was the age to get my license, to there was no point: nobody's car to borrow, couldn't (still can't) afford my own vehicle. I don't know anybody who drives: most of the people I know are hippy/punks who walk/bike everywhere. I bike everywhere within a three hour bike ride, other than that, I take the bus xD. I am banned from taking Greyhound bus, because I had my pet rats in their cage, and they got found- against the policy, apparently.... woops!

    I err. Frequently. Wear PVC. At least I did when I was still skinny Now if I wear my booty shorts, I get a butt rash (too much info? Sorry =(!)

    Hahaha I DID bolt all the way home, tripping a friend of mine! He lay screaming in the field, and I just thanked him for sacrificing himself for the rest of us
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