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  1. Hey, hope all is well
  2. When I discover a new musician who immediately becomes one of my lifetime favorites, and I want to share them, should I send the first or second song I hear or go through the whole album and find the best one before sharing? In any case this was the first one I heard.. I'd love to know what you think

    I'm trying to paste it
  3. Springtime Promises, by Pentangle

    I listened to the songs, they were completely beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing them. . She reminds me some of Joan Baez's voice, as in Dida. . and, ah, this I couldn't find it with subtitles, though.
    It may be just that they're both singing in French, though. ;p
  4. this is one that's pretty nice; the first time I heard of Mazzy Star/Hope Sandoval
  5. Sounds like you've been really busy. Best of luck in your writing my friend!
  6. It is mostly thoughts about life, nature, and the like. It's ineresting. I have just been looking at quotes from Jung, and from there I moved on to Alan Watts, whom I find to be more germaine and organic, and I came across a nice one, recommending that we write. It's very close along the lines of what I've been thinking about, it was kind of cool to see. I also want to write short stories but I haven't yet.
  7. You do have good timing
    I've been meaning to ask you what you're writing about? May I read it once it's finished?
  8. I understand. I only follow about six or seven people on there and just use it to keep in touch with family. Yep, everything's well with me, I'm spending a lot of time in nature, which is one of the best things I think a person can do.. also reading and writing a lot. It's great to hear from you aand I'll definitely be around here more often too. Hope you're well and learning plenty of good things
  9. Hey there. Hope everything is going well, just wanted to let you know that I've limited my social contact pages including fb, for now I'm hanging around here . How is everything?
  10. Hey- ya, I know I haven't been around, but I'm still reading literature.

    I've been good, just working and studying.. I've been very happy. What about you now?

    Thanks for thinking of me.
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