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  1. How did you like it?

    What did you think was wrong with it?

    What did you think was good about it?

    Any comments are desiref.
  2. It has been received.
  3. It has been sent.
  4. I'd very much like to read it. Email it is.
  5. Certainly, or I could email it to you. Whichever you prefer. It has been rejected several times already, and I only wrote it thi year
  6. Alright. You will inform me of when that is, right?
  7. Oh well, you may have to wait until I get it published.
  8. Oh. I don't think I've read it.
  9. I had it posted here for a while, but I removed it. It is making the rounds of magazoe editors.
  10. No, I don't think I have. Is this a recent story you've put up?
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