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  1. This was the best New year wishes i got... HAPPY NEW YEAR Max .. wish this year brings you all that you love !
  2. I wish you the best for 2010. Happy New Year...

  3. Well my mom comes from Lebanese people, so indirectly I have some Lebanese blood as well
  4. i speak arabic & write it well.. but i don't have an arab descent .. Yet! Somalia is in Arab world countries... thought african.... but they say that the origins of somalia centries back were arabs..
    what about u .. its nyc to knwo that u have an arab descent ! where from the arab countries?
  5. Yes, interesting, though more interesting is to be here than on programming forums, because people on them are so technical that they hardly ever talk about any other thing

    Are you of Arabian descent? I have a bit of Arabian blood in me, from my mother's side, though I don't speak the language.
  6. Coool .. ! so u do programming.. its interesting.
    And i dnt mind if u ask where i am from coz we r frnds !
    I am from Somalia.. its in the Horn of Africa.. but currently i live in kuwait
  7. I'm glad to be friends, too

    Yes, I know you are into nursing I'm into computer stuff, being mostly a programmer, though I often do some other related stuff like a bit of maintenance and the like.

    Do you mind if I ask where you are from? Just plain curiosity
  8. Thx Max .. and am gald to be friends

    so i guess u do know that i am doing nursing !
    what about u ; what do u do ?

    Nice interview. I read it all Extremely interesting!!
  10. I read ur comments and u have a special way in your discussion. But we didn't really meet
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