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  1. Yea ..i can see how life is full of different colors, sometimes good but mostly dark !
    So what is that that bothers you .... If at any time you would like to talk about it .. there is always someone to listen ..... And hope things get brighten again with u ...
    They always say if you believe in something so strongly it will happen ( it happened for my friends but not for me .. so i guess it will work with u )
    May God give the loveliest daughter
  2. Hoope!!
    I have always liked your avatar too, maybe because I've always wanted to have a daughter amid the flowers and although such imagery is much more cheerful than a face in tears, I perceive life as a sequence of beautiful and ugly events, according to the circumstances we go through at every particular stage. At this particular moment, I can't quite perceive the beautiful side, so I express what I perceive by means of the avatars that somehow speak on my behalf.

    I've just read the text of your profile picture. It would seem the truth is constantly making me read it... I stumble on it everywhere I go.

    Nice talking to you again. Thanks for dropping by
  3. Hey Max ! Can't stop looking at ur avatar evrytym I c ur post, I like it and so the is the word written unter ur name suits the pic.
    But why the tears ! Life is beautifut . ( I guess ) :P
  4. Yea it was my blog

    Happy Valentine Day to you Max
  5. I see you know about photo edition. Beautiful work, hoope, and thanks for the picture link That first link is your personal website, right?

    Happy Valentine's Day
  6. this is a design i made in that pic with the help of photoshop

    and this is the image
    am glad u liked it
  7. What an amazingly beautiful profile picture! What is it from? Is there any bigger version that you could link to me?
  8. Hi and thank you. Glad you like it. How are things with you? Come to think of it, it's been quite some time that we haven't talked
  9. Hi Max ! nice profile page.. its really cooool
  10. I'm glad you liked the card. I wish you the same, hoope. Good luck for the coming times!
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