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  1. It was okay, but it reminded me a lot of the Impossible Planet. It wasn't as creepy, but...kinda the same. and the monsters were scary. what's cool is that the Doctor kind of goes too far...............and that's all I'll say .
  2. Was Waters on Mars the one where a bus full of people gets sent to another planet? No, that was Planet of the Dead, wasn't it? We haven't seen Waters on Mars yet, but i desperately want to see it. Was it good?
  3. Hi Bailey! I was thinking that I haven't talked to you in a really long time! how are you doing??

    Most importantly, what do you think of Matt Smith??...............I think he'll be FLABBERGASTING!! . Did you watch the interview with him?
  4. Merry Christmas, Bailey! I love the pic of David Tennant!
  5. squeeee love the DT!!
  6. haha, just read your mom's comment below. I'm homeschooled, motherhubbard!! 's fun!!
  7. lol, that's funny, getting married on a football feil. lol!
  8. actually I think i've dreamt this same dream before, except I was waiting for someone else, I can't remember who. Isn't that weird?? There are other dreams I've had before too, like getting married in the fifties on a football field. *shrugs*
  9. Wow that's an interesting dream you had. I wonder if that means anything signifigant...huh. Have you had any dreams like this or,
  10. Hey bailey! I had a dream with you in it the other day!! We were gonna meet at this place I've dreamt of before, some kind of underground cavern place you visit by boat, and I was waiting and waiting and waiting for you to show up, but you never did, so I went outside and climbed this HUGE...thing, for lack of a better term, and laid on my stomach and just waited to see your lovely brown hair through the window of some car. Then I woke up.
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