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  1. If you're interested, an update on our adoption:
  2. Miss T, an update on the adoption:
  3. Well, I made a confession. I think you'll be interested. See my blog:
  4. Hiya! I'm not sure if you're familiar with this, but have a wonderful Valentine's Day.

  5. So true . Gets easier and less paaionate Thanks for the entries , so glad to check them out .
  6. I posted some pictures in my blog: I think I prefer to post them here than on the main boards. Check it out if you don't mind.
  7. Check out my latest blog. You might find it amusing.

    Oh if you told me I had forgotten. Well that is wonderful. I wish you a glorious life and much happinesss. Yes, marriage is very hard, especially the first year. It does get easier, but then it gets less passionate too so i don't know what's better.
  8. Wedding anniversary? Are you married? You never told me. Congratulations!!! That's wonderful. I wish you the very best my friend.
  9. going well . Yah last month was actually wonderful . The atmosfere gets intimate in Ramadan with all the spirituality .
    Hey, my first wedding aniversary is after like two months , I'm excited . I'm wondering what's of yours is the best ?
  10. Good. I can't complain. How is your teaching job going? What's new? I hope you had wonderful holiday this past month.
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