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  1. Loved your reply to Hawk's Shakespeare opus.
  2. Thanks so much for reading the latest "anti"fiction. Really pleased that you took the last paragraph to be funny (which is what I'd hoped) rather than schmaltzy though there was a little of that, too. ( Not to draw a presumptuous comparison --'cause it's really not justified-- but the ending of A Handful of Dust is appalling, horrifying even. But on the other hand you really have to laugh.) Thanks again for taking the time to reading my "stuff."
    PS-- I hope Hill isn't really gone for good.
  3. It's been a really rough couple weeks for your ol' Auntie, family-wise. Consequently I haven't been able to read as much as I'd like on the LitNet. Trying to catch up, and will
    happily enjoy your two latest offerings ASAP.
  4. I see that your screen name has returned to the short stories forum. I'm so sorry I'm so behind even in reading your earlier posts! Determined to do it, though, and will get to them soon. I'm typing a reminder right now!

    Welcome back!
  5. I was about to make some suggestions re: technique in your latest, but I see that today's posting is part one of what may be assumed to be more to come. So as not to disrupt
    the continuity, I will reserve my replies until it concludes. I don't want your postings to be neglected, though.
  6. Thats strange Auntie. I'm not known for being sensitive or retiring to weep into my pillow. Take care. M
  7. Hope you don't think yours fooly is a pest! Keep in mind, though, every time I post a critical comment on one of your thread it gets "bumped!"
    Best wishes.
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