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  1. I am here, I am here! I want to know how life is treating you! Shoot me an e-mail sometime, please!
  2. Wispy! It's been more than a month! Where are you?
  3. Wispy, I have not been on litnet in months. MONTHS! And I had the urge to get on and look through old stuff I have written tonight. And woah and behold, a message from you from the day before. It made me smile, honestly. I miss you as well. Life is treating me the way it typically treats me, if that makes sense. I am staring at my typewriter, trying to force something out. As a wise man (or boy rather) once told me, if you can't write anything, write the truest sentence you know at that point. But even that has failed me.
    How are you, my old love-note lover? I am determined to actually use this site like I used to, so message me back!
  4. Miss you, old Litnet friend! I was reading over our insanely hilarious poetry duels-- unforgettable. Hope life is treating you well!
  5. I try to keep is spontainious with her. Spur of the moment. I'm not the one to recite peoms.
    I have been just wonderful! I don't know if you have read any of my blogs or such things but I got a job at a ski resort in the mountains here and I'm SO excited about it. I'm a BIG skier (being a mountain guy and all) and I've always wanted to live near the slopes in winter time. It already snowed a good 7 inches today. Plus I now have three adopted doggies that are half mine, and getting a kitten in january (don't ask). Good things are a commin haliegh. (Is that spelled right? I'm just a bit drunk) Anywho, how is my old internet lover?
  6. CRAZY. I was reading those recently too!! I *always* get a kick out of it -- why haven't you used your talent for words on your girlfriend yet!? Get with it, man, good things may happen~! How have you been, by the by?
  7. I was rummaging around tonight because its cold out and I can't seem to write anything, and stumbled upon our old love notes to eachother! It made me smile. I need to pull some of that *#@! out on an unsuspecting girlfriend. Thought you might get a kick out of it.

  8. DANG! I thought I was clever on that one.
    That is very interesting and I like it. The way that writers just suck us in to devour our minds with all kinds of new thoughts... Right?

    Ummmmmm..... Kinda. Girls... well girl... is distracting me quite a bit.
  9. I'm so glad you liked it! Thanks for taking the time to read it! It's a very good guess at to what it's about, but it's actually not about Kevin. I was thinking one night about writers, about how they're needed in the world - and about what kind of people they are, how they look at everyone else and see a story, how the world is inspiration in itself, how charming and strange and intoxicating they are, and then, how they give others inspiration through their tales. Then I mixed it with spider metaphor - because spiders (like the god Anansi) have always been compared to story-tellers. I threw in a bunch of spider folklore and things to do with the number eight. It was a really, really fun write. I didn't expect a lot of people to get it... but since I haven't written anything lately, it just felt good to write, you know?

    Hope things are awesome for you, my friend! You better have a whole notebook of poems to post for us soon! :P!
  10. Oh and I just read your latest "Story spinner" all I have to say is that you are gone! (aka. In love) I loved it like everything else you write. I will assume it is about Kevin (Not me Kevin.... well you know.) and how he "devours" you. You are caught in his web. And oh what a warm and comforting web it is.
    Anyway, hope you are doing well.
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