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  1. Very busy at work, though things should slow down toward end of September.
    Not familiar with the Gollancz sci fi, but am interested in the general topic. I'll do a search.
    Speaking of the lads, mine is now into his second week of his first year at the university.
  2. Hi Gil,

    I've begun it, though this summer I've been distracted with a bit of sci fi. The lad and I have been reading and discussing some of the Gollancz sci fi masterworks. I'm currently reading a Philip K Dick, and a David Brin.

    It is on my Kindle though, and I will continue reading it.

    How's things with you?

  3. I was catching up the "Captain's Reading Log" thread, looks like you're getting a bit of reading in. I was curious though, I recalled some time back you were considering Dostoevsky The Idiot, I believe it was. Did you decide to carry through with it?
  4. Hi Gil. Thanks for the reminder. I've been really busy recently, and I've been reading but not posting. I hope to be more regular.


  5. Checking in. We're overdue for an allotment update.
  6. Similar case with me- difficult to find time for the Forums lately although, it is due in part to my dedicating more time to reading.
    I'm working on Mark's book, continuing with Solzhenitsyn, Plutarch's Lives and the Beast of Boggy Creek.
    When I get some time, I put a little more effort toward promoting the Beatnik theme for our next gathering.
  7. Hi Gil,

    That's one scary looking gnome. I'd have that in the garden.

    How's it going? I've been really busy recently, and not around as much. Great party.

  8. Hi Gilliatt,

    Thanks for posting the vid and remembering my birthday.

    I hope you and the family have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  9. Happy birthday friend.
    I left you a little surprise back at the bar.
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