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  1. Yes of course you can start a thread on Tolkien in the General Lit section
  2. er .. Can I put a thread on Tolkien in "General Literature", or is it something to be avoided? (I'm asking it because I know fantasy fans can be annoying, and I see that there's a link to a forum on fantasy literature -- which, however, isn't of interest to me ...)
  3. HOW, Canada! (rise hand)

    I pass by, now & again ... you know. to pay a visit to tell the news, god-help-me -- good news is that I've got three students to teach Latin! they begin this week.
  4. (Whose was that "Serious Cat" idea? .. He's funny~)
  5. How about an honest opinion on the new looks of my profile? It was the very first time I actually put hands on it, to change ...
  6. (I'm Carioca, by the way ... Word used to everyone born in Rio (or having addopted it for hometown ...). (My case is the first one.)) Literally, though, Carioca means "house of the white men", cari meaning "white man/men", and oca, "house", in the local native language, which now they call Tupi (toopee).
  7. Hello, Canada! I think Canada means about the same as Carioca ... White man, "white face" (?). I should (and shall) check it up ... ~
  8. hello there~
  9. I thought about dropping by ...
    Then I did, and ... I though about saying hello.

    Er ... Hi!
  10. There's 2 logoi in my friends list!! How come?? Lol!~
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