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  1. The best in 2014 to you too! I think they said 8-12" here and they call it a blizzard…. I just hope the power won't go out!
  2. Right back at cha, Haunted. Hope 2014 is the best year ever for you!
    PS-- We're supposed to get 18+ inches of the s-word tonight and tomorrow. Such is life upstate.
  3. Happy New Year Auntie!
  4. Those are a joy to read! And thanks for commenting on mine, really helps! Merry Christmas Auntie, see you around.
  5. Thanks for the comment on the featherweights, too!

    Have a cool Yule.

  6. Auntie, thanks for checking in! Miraculously the storm brushed us by here on eastern Long Island. Sure there was massive beach erosion, but people around me, my friends and all, no one even lost power! I didn't know Irene affected you up north, wow. So glad you are AOK this time.
  7. Hi Haunted-- A little birdie reminded me that you're a New Yorker. That means you're an intrepid,
    mighty soul! Just a short message to say hope that you're okay. (Sandy missed many of us here
    in upstate NY , unlike Irene in 2011.) Thoughts and prayers going out to those who were less

    Stay safe!

  8. Auntie, what a nice surprise! I deeply appreciated it, you are very kind. I doubt "many" but it sure feels good
    If you've seen my recent comment in the mud slinging thread, I mentioned Litnet Greats and in my mind you are one of them.
    Hope you are well too, it's nice to see you around
  9. Just a little message to say "hi" with the hopes you're feelin' fine.
    So many of us LitNutters really appreciate your presence here, even
    though we may on occasion forget to tell you so.
  10. Aunt, thanks for your comment in SS competition, you are most kind but you are wrong. sigh.
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