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  1. My old friend! Please be more specific about what you want me to read. I did not find what you mentioned on Facebook. good times always my California native friend!!
  2. Hey! How are you? I need to hear some updates from you. It's been like since September- how's it hanging! That last piece was so unusual- loved it.
  3. Merry Christmas Steven!
  4. Hey- I felt kind of raw about my last critique of your piece. Hope you are well and still enjoying work.
  5. I try to stop by from time to time to say hello. How is it going? I am at the mercy of time writing a boring tedious paper about early mathematical thinking. Anyway, do you still like it or are you ready to kick some arse?
  6. Good to hear! Very happy for you. I bet you are smiling when you wake up in the morning, although I bet you usually wake up smiling.
    I'll send it along by the end of the week.
  7. Hi Steven,
    I'm trying to finish up a scene and when I'd done can you give it a peek?

    Have you started school yet?

  8. I commented again on the lad's page, but I didn't mean any offense to you. I appreciate what you said. And I have started your story like 6 times and never get a chance to finish it. So far it is very good.
  9. just commented on your piece. I liked it.
  10. Did you get it? Huh? Huh?
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