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  1. Thanks for your comment,Steve! It's particularly meaningful as it comes from you.

  2. Thank you very much for reading that thing and posting the nice comment.

  3. Thanks!
    (You know for what.)

  4. You're very welcome, Steven. I always enjoy reading your work. Also, best wishes for
    a successful writing future, as you certainly deserve it. Condolences for your loss of
  5. I want to read "The Black Spot" when I have enough time to give it the attn it deserves.
    If I haven't commented by this time next week, please remind me!
  6. Same here,

    Funny, while typing this I accidently hit the n instead of M key, making the greeting read 'Sane here.' Not wanting to give a wrong impression, I hurredly corrected it!

    Hope you better and healing well. Yes, that's healing instead of feeling. I'm continuing on with my story Doppleganger, and should have it done within a week. The theme, if there is one, is how the internet is a dangerous place because so few of us really know what the other's are like and the nature of the beast makes it too easy for deception.

    One thing I enjoy about your writing is the sense of place and time, and of course, your sense of humor. We can't forget that!
  7. Loved your response to the new LitNutter's vampire story. You are one of my favorite peeps on the entire LitNet!
  8. So sorry that happened!

    It must be terrible! I look forward to your reading and hope that it pleases!

    Take MORE care!!

  9. Hi-- I broke my hip and I can't spend much time @ the keyboard until I recover. Just to let you know I'm looking forward to reading your story as soon as I'm able.
  10. Hi-ho, Steverino--
    I weighed in on your Richard Burton story, then just went back and edited because I had made an error on Isabel's age, which I have since corrected. There's also an anecdote about the couple which I think you'll enjoy.
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