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  1. Merry Christmas--you are not forgotten. I have warm memories of our race for blog counts. Hoping oyu and oyur mother are well also.
  2. Gone but far from forgotten---hoping you and your mother are well.
  3. Hey--how are you? Hope everything is ok.
  4. Where are you??? At my age 7 months is 3 weeks---are you all right?? Mum well, school doing ok?????
  5. Merry Christmas and hoping you and your Mom are doing well.
  6. Blog girl blog--even without the numbers/competion to create I miss your voyage thru academia?
  7. Are you still with us? I admit the blog changes have annoyed me no end because the old system made it easier to find stuff but I haven't seen you lately. How's your Mom for instance and school and all that.
  8. So how's it going--i'm way behind on blog reading and having trouble finding them easy.
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