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  1. Neely, I will write more soon. Give me your best wishes. Virginia
  2. Neely, I know you are busy. Will you please glance through the two versions of the same text in a new thread I started in general literature and submit a post. Though it is long, the distinction between the two is quite clear, I think. I didn't mark out which one was done by me, but I think you can learn it after you read both. It is not a war. I only want to prove to all the translation companies here that I can do it better than a professional one who has years of experience. Thanks in advance. Virginia
  3. Hi, I would perhaps change is very slightly:

    "It was not until nearly a month had passed..."

    Or you can say:

    "It was not until nearly a month had passed before I found out the pudding was made of cheese."

    Or "realised" instead of "found out".

    Thanks, Neely.
  4. "It was not until nearly a month passed before I knew the fact that the pudding was made of cheese."
    Hi Neely, I read the sentence quite well, but I am not sure if it is right. Please tell me what you think.
  5. You are always a good friend, a reader, and a teacher of mine. Best Wishes, Virginia
  6. Neely, the threads in serious discussion are attacked badly? funny indeed. ugly and bad.
  7. It doesn't matter. They do not count. If they don't enjoy my writing, I can write after some days. I am quite busy with my work now. I never argued with people I don't like.
  8. Hi, I don't know what thread you mean.
  9. Neely, what's wrong? Why did Paulclem write a cursing and ironic poem under my writing? It doesn't matter. I will not continue with this thread. I will start another one.
  10. How much do you study on average each day?
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