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  1. Hi, did you read the thread? It becomes really interesting now. Will you please give me your honest opinions. I believe I wrote well.
  2. It was put into general writing now. It is quite long, but one of the versions was written quite well, especially in its descriptions about glass works. The ideas are pretty, and the words for those ideas are.....You can continue with your words, which I wish and anticipate badly. If you really experience a hrad time reading one of the versions just as I did, ignore it. I only read one sentence from that long work, done by an expert, because it is not English, I think. However I didn't point out which one of the two was written by me, so I can draw some really honest advice. thanks, Virginia
  3. Which thread is this translation in?
  4. Hi, I did read some of your posts over the years, though it is the first time that I sent you a message. Since you've read extensively as an artist for a long time, I do appreciate your honest views on works of translation, one done by me and the other by some professionals who spent years of their life thinking about skills to do translation, that led them all, as with one accord to match a word for a word accurately. It is not English. Will you please spend some time going through the two versions I presented in a thread in general literature and submit a reply, honestly. Sincerely, Virginia
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