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  1. Thanks, M., for your kind words on Steve's thread.
    You're the best!
  2. If you don't mind, I'll weigh in on your latest, aka "Don't Talk Trash in front of The Stiff" when you finish it.
  3. Thanks for the nice comments re: the anti-fiction and "The Lyin' King." Hope to finish the latter before Christmas. ("It's all up here," she said, pointing to her skull. )As to the "mix of medievalism and The Bronx," make that "Brooklyn" as it recently occurred to me that I might be imitating the Great Mel Brooks in "Men in Tights."

    Have a cool Yule, Manichaean!

  4. I really dislike it when people answer sincere thanks with the expression "No problem!" (Meaning it possibly could have been a problem?) Anyway, you're very welcome. Your story was fun to read!

    BTW, after a long absence because of moving to new quarters, I've finally put up the second section of "The Lyin' King":
  5. Dear Aunty
    As one Anglo-Irishman east of Suez, to one upstate Irish-American, “Go raibh maith agat,” or if you prefer, “thank you”. Your assessment and kind words were much appreciated.
    Best regards
  6. Okey-dokey, Mr. M
  7. Dear Aunty
    In the short story I wrote named "The White Cobra," I endeavored to achieve two aims:
    1. To actually finish a story as this tends not to be my forte.
    2. To apply your principle of " Show, don't tell." This is where, in this instance I may have gone astray in not getting the balance right i.e. too much show / not enough tell. Would you be kind enough to run your eagle eye over it. Many thanks in advance.
    Warm regards
  8. Thanks so much for weighing in on the "Fairly Flailing Tale #1." It occurs to me that the
    quantity of readers (or at least clickers) for that thread is disproportionate to the number of comments (thus far.) The only conclusion is that these hyperthetical readers are so stunned by the awesome power of that story that they have been struck dumb!
    (Of course I am kidding.)
  9. "Bangkok Benediction" is starting out swell. Liked the closing image of chapter 2. Reminds me of something my late sister-in-law used to say: "Men sweat. Women 'glisten.' " But your Thai ladies are cool as the proverbial cucumbers.
  10. Dear Aunty

    I printed off and read you thread on Irish Short stories yesterday & just wanted to drop a note to say how good it was. You have a tremendous talent in your writing for both balance & insight, to which you add just the lightest touch of irony. A winning mix!

    Best regards.
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