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  1. I just published my first book. I, of course, want to talk about it. Which forum is the best area to do this? It isn't a serious book--it is a dark humor parody.
  2. Yeah, I want to be able to understand my Japanese horror movies--which I love quite passionately. I'm doing a whole video series on Youtube about my learning it. Yesterday, I recorded my first conversation in broken Japanese with my Godzilla puppet (I don't really have the balls to talk to a real Japanese person yet). I thought it was quite funny, though I flubbed my lines a bit. By the way, what exactly does "add to ignore list" do?
  3. Japanese! wow.. very cool. For sure we'll let you know when quiz area is fixed... I hope it's not too long from now.
  4. Well, I'll post them in the Writer's Lounge for now...and when the quiz thing is back up, then I'll make them. It doesn't hurt to have an extra copy--even though I keep them on disk. However, disks can get corrupted. If you can remember, I would like to know when the quiz maker is back up and running. I'll try to remember to go back and check, but I got a lot on my mind these days. I'm learning Japanese on top of everything else. I was confused at first, but I definitely do like the new forum.
  5. Ja, as you know by now the forum quiz area got borked during the forum software upgrade. Hopefully our wise and benevolent dictator Admin will have them back up and running very soon. In the meantime you can post them in the writers lounge area, or, just wait to submit them when it's possible again. Yes indeed a conspiracy to make people get hooked into spending more time around here, with all the new shiny buttons and new things to play with. heh heh..
  6. Oh, well, didn't stay away as long as I thought I would. I saw that you posted the quizzes, though. Thank you. I shall be giving you more work soon. A little confused about the new look, but I think I like it. Every time I go away for a while, LitNet gets a makeover. Its a conspiracy, isn't it? Hope you are well.
  7. Enjoy your hiatus
  8. Logos, I'm taking a leave of absence from LitNet for a while. However, I will still be doing the summaries and quizzes for the books. I've already written to Admin, but please don't delete the threads. I shall return and post to them--as well as finish the remaining quizzes.
  9. Thank you, Logos! (referring to Poe quizzes, by the way). Some are hard to do, and I groan every time I have to read one of his gardening stories. But I just think of the money, and I can push through it. I've been reading but not posting lately. Been rather busy--and then we had a tropical storm that made our electric rather iffy. However, I hope to get back to everything.
  10. Thanks!
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