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  1. I'm doing fine...busy..busy.. but fine! I hope all's well with you and your family too
  2. Miss you. That about says it all.
  3. Not familiar with ANY film version of the book and until a week ago had NO idea Henry Fonda had played in a role. So far Nathasha hasn;t shown up THAT much yet to get a handle on her character though I see Audrey Hepburn played her so I guess she'll be major soon.
  4. Thank you for the well wishes---news from oyu is ALWAYS appreciated after such a ahen long absence. Currently in Book 4 of W & P--I average at least two chapetrs a day reading HERE on Litnet in the wee hours. Started liking it in the middle of Book 2 and it is starting to be a page turner. Hope all is well--how is oyur father??? All good here. You are still my fav miderator--thta has never changed.
  5. Nice to hear from you I'm doing great! .. good luck with War and Peace, I can say I've not made it through in entirety, although recently enjoyed 2007 made-for-tv version

  6. Checking in --still alive--wondering how you are. Finished Great Expectations the other day and attempting War and Peace - not sure how fra I will get but chapters are mercifully short but the names are killing me and everyone seems ot be a Prince of some sort. Five chapters read and still intrigued so we'll see.
  7. happy holidays--you are missed
  8. Ahem---still loyal--wondering how oyu are doing and missing you.
  9. Hmmmmm--since January since I contacted you. I am slipping. You are missed--hope all is well.
  10. Checking in. Same as ever--I am consistent in my routines at least. You are missed.
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