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  1. dude, come back!
  2. Oh! I guess I read into it wrong. My bad!
  3. I'll check it out to see if it's up. Skib, you didn't create any controversy. You spoke your mind about something that was irking you at the moment, and I thought you were generating some thought provoking comments from members. Just be honest and nobody will condemn you for that. They might not agree with you but they'll respect you. And who knows maybe you'll change their mind in the process.

    Glad to see you reconsidered putting the blog back up. Cool.
  4. never mind! I figured it out and the blog is back up.
  5. Do you know of any way to un-delete something? I'm still relatively new here and am still figuring things out.
  6. I deleted it. In my thoughtless complaint, I created a controversy I did not intend. Two of my four blogs I have posted in the last three days were complaints- and I don't want to create that kind of name for myself. I apologize if I cut you off mid-statement. I'll see if I can put it back up if you like.
  7. Skibs where's the blog entry I just commented on?
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