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  1. Hey Daniel hope you're doing alright.
  2. Make sure to take a break to enjoy your birthday.
  3. Ah well, hopefully the ****load of coursework is all worthwhile in the end, haha.
  4. Hey, just finishing up the semester with the ****load of coursework. It really sucks
    Hopefully we'll get a chance to talk after I got all of this out of the way!
  5. Trouble sleeping? Regular night owls the pair of us.
  6. I've noticed you haven't been on in a long time, hope everything is going well Daniel.
  7. Haha, ya they weren't recent were they, I changed the password. I didn't notice because it's the email I use for msn, but I don't actually use that email for correspondence by email.
  8. **** I checked my email and I got two messages from you and then I remembered that you were hacked :S
  9. Haha, maybe. Just keep on top of your work and I'm sure you'll make it, but remember to take the occasional break.
  10. Thank you I really appreciate it. I suppose taking about twice the amount of needed courses is a little too much for me lol.
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