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  1. Hey, You haven't been around too much but Happy Birthday.
  2. Hey I would just like to say that I loved your post in the "White Male" thread. It was the most logical and sensible I've seen in a long time. And indeed it is true, the times are a' changing for the better and it is inevitable that there will be problems in the face of progress and greater diversity.
  3. Merry Christmas DB!!
  4. Happy Holidays

    Enjoy your day with family and friends
  5. Hey, I've recently gone on a blogging rampage, posting tons of works I recovered from lost files, check them out when you get the chance.
  6. Hey DB. Sorry to hear about the kitten in the driveway. I found an oppossum (alive) in a garbage can the other day, it was cold and raining, the poor little sucker was all wet and looked miserable.
  7. Lol, that's an interesting analogy.
  8. Thanks Daniel, When I first got here I was pretty adamant about not changing my avatar but it's like tattoos - you get one and you have to have more. Not that I have tattoos but when I had piercing they used to say piercings are like tattoos soooo I just assumed.
  9. You changed your avatar again, lol.

    Sent you a long-due friend request by the way
  10. Thanks, DB I think it's supposed to be a hippie dog but it kinda looks like an old lady dog.

    Steal an avatar weekend is fun, just when I got used to seeing Claes in my Avatar I had to give him back.
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