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  1. Hey! I am mostly good. Learning to settle in the small town. Met some families and getting to know. It has been four months already and toughest period is already over and summer should be quite promising in a beautiful seaside town. The work is more of a challenge at the present moment as it is my first experience with international sales. Sometimes you sell and sometimes you just don't. Maybe I need to improve my salesperson skills. Hows it going with you now?
  2. Things are good! Like you, I've just moved house to a much smaller town, but I feel like I'm already establishing myself. How are things with you?
  3. Hi there!
    Been such a long time. How have you been doing?
  4. Overall the poems were pretty good and it wasn't easy choosing one when you felt like you should have an option of voting for them all at the same time but yours I enjoyed by far the most! So infact I should be the one thanking you for sharing such a wonderful poem with us!
  5. Hi Pensive! I just wanted to say thank you for you voting for my poem in the Halloween poetry contest - Dark Muse's poem was great, and it was no shame to be beaten by it, but it was nice to get a few votes nonetheless!
  6. Indeed it is! 'Lokasenna' is the title of my favourite Old Norse Eddaic poem - it literally means "The Arguments of Loki" in English. I just love the trickster-god's wit and malevolence...
  7. Lokasenna?
    It's a very different user-name. Wonder if it's from some work of literature?
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