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  1. peachy. the money is rolling in now. made $400 in tips last week and it isn't raining any more. how's BV ya a$$hole? (my phone has been dead for a week now and I haven't charged it up yet, so thats why I haven't called you back. I'll get on that.)
  2. Hey a$$hole. How's cpr ya a$$hole?

    check it out. remember that ****?
  4. My dad says you're a bag of used douche water.
  5. thats . . . nice. wonderful sensation description. what the **** possessed you to read that?

    Go read that and tell me what you think. I just finished an awesome book that is composed of a bunch of short stories. This one is just amazing.
  7. I know right? I've been meaning to do some llama killing and maiming lately....
  8. I'll tell him. Yeah, i've been waiting anxiously for the poems about burning pianos and sacrificing llamas.
  9. Thats awesome. Well tell him that he is an ******* for me ok? Man I haven't been on here in a ****in long time. I need to get back into it.
  10. I'm an *******? Well guess what *******? you're an ******* too. *******.
    He loves it. he's got it on display on his chair in the dining room.
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