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  1. Hi, ha, ha, no I don't teach at uni I'm still studying there, though thanks for the compliment! I am a HLTA (Higher Level Teaching Assistant) in English years 8-11 and in my last year of a part-time degree in literature and then, who knows?
  2. Hi Neely, only read your message now, sorry. I teach German (Year 8 to 13) and Spanish (Year 7). I'm currently training so it takes me a hundred times longer than experienced teachers to plan lessons and create resources.
    What are you currently doing? Do you teach at uni?
  3. Oh, the teaching profession is an enemy of sleep and motivation for sure, not good. Do you teach English? I'm possibly entering the teaching profession myself (as a last resort) even though I am fully aware how hard it is, though I'm currently thinking about how I can avoid this, make money and have good holidays, hmmm...
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