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  1. Sounds good Aunty. I don't know how you feel about this, but if you are in need of a computer, let me know. I have plenty. I work in the industry and have enough good spare parts laying around to create a powerful PC. I also have a laptop that is 3 years old that I haven't used in a year. If anything, if finances are any problem, maybe let me know in a PM? You deserve to be on the wide, wide world of online information and interaction, writing, etc. If it gets me more quizzes I'm more than willing! Let me know. Glad to hear you're well.
  2. Thanks for your message!
    Lots of changes here on the home front. Not only that, our PC, "Pong 2.0," bit the proverbial dust. Using a borrowed computer of late; will check in on the LitNet from time to time.
    Best wishes!
  3. No more quizzes? Hope you are well, Aunty, and your struggles have eased somewhat. Last I heard health trouble had visited you or yours, and I was sorry to hear it.
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