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  1. Merry Christmas Pablo. We haven't spoken in a while. I hope you have a special holiday.

    Here's a present and a card for you.

  2. I want to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas.

  3. Happy New Year Pablo. I leave you with a present: Now I'm not sure I like the back beat they put to it, but the video is fabulous.
  4. Aunt Shecky has allowed me to put out one of her quizes of the week. Oh do give it a try:, post #70. It's a lot of fun.
  5. Merry Christmas Pablo.
  6. I guess I never stopped here before. Definetely need to include you among my friends.
  7. I would go with My Antonia. Otherwise try Death Comes to the Archbishop. I have to admit I've never read either but I've heard good things about both.
  8. Virgil,
    I just posted an update with my review of Sister Carrie. I'm staying faithful to my original list. Next up is Main Street by Sinclair Lewis. But I have a question for you. You brought up Jack London and Willa Cather. I've since bought some and have decided not to read them before I get to Dos Passos, which looks like he's on for this winter. What do you recommend from Cather. I bought My Antonia, but I'm not sure I picked the best choice.
  9. Hi Pablo. How's the reading list doing?
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