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  1. Hi ,

    Well, I'm not going to lead the discussion, but I do have read the story about 20 times now So I am planning on being a pretty involved participant . I even started drawing a map of the cottages Not that I am getting very far with it, as there is no north/south/west/east description in the story

    As for the math-problem. I tried solving it that way, but I have the problem that I can only make 2 quotations (I forgot to mention there's also a mother in the problem), while there are 3 unknows. I'll PM you the problem and how I tried to solve it.

    Take care and have fun reading the story
  2. Part 1

    Hey Sapphire! Are you leading the Lawrence discussion this time around? I saw you were directing people on the schedule. If you are, it should be fun.

    As for the math problem, yes, I was involved in math and sciences for a while when I was an undergraduate. The question you brought up is actually pretty easy, though. It's just translating a real world problem into an algebraic equation. Our equation looks like this in words: (age of the son) + (age of the father) = (total age of the family).
  3. Part 2

    If there's two people in the family you mentioned and X is the sum of their ages, then we should be able to set up an equation with X on one side and Y (the age of the son) on the other side. That's settles the son and the total age of the family. Now, the father is twice as old as the son, so, if Y is the age of the son, then 2Y is the age of the father. The finished algebraic equation should look like this Y + 2Y = X. To test if this is true, let's say that the son is 16 years old: (16) + 2(16) = 48. That checks out. Really, that's not a hard story problem to unpack. Just make sure not to go too fast on easy questions as it's easy to screw something up that way.
  4. Hi ,
    Looking forward to the discussion on England, My England

    I saw your avatar and I wondered: do you know a bit about math? For I've got a mathematical problem which I can not solve. It is the standard "how old are the people in this story"-problem. Meaning: Tommy's age isn't given, Dad is told to be twice as old, together the family is X years old, how old is Tommy. That kind of thing. Do you think you could help me with that?
    I know, strange forum to ask that kind of question But because of your avatar, I thought I should try It has really been bugging me today

    Greetings, Sapphire
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