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  1. Just dont get booksolve. *cringes*
  2. Yes its called an rmsynergie system from Microsoft. you still do bits and pieces but this can even reorder stock for you! (Soz was in Nighties profile and thought i'd join in. )
  3. thats so funny! i have a book beside me right now called "haud yer wheesht- your scottish grannys favourite sayings"! Where'd you think i got the words from! so i know that means hold your tongue if you dont know. but thats about as far as my knowledge goes. It happens you choose to only one i would actually recognise! the rest just leaves me mystified!
  4. So a sentence like "haud yer wheesht it disnae gae like that ken" would be difficult?
  5. I've had some drunk scottish experiences and most of them i could understand. Its one the ones that string intire sentences with words like "feen" "ken" "Haud" "disnae" and slang/ local terms that i wouldnt know the meaning that i dont understand (regardless of wheather they are sober or drunk)! ever heard someone from the sticks of Kerry drunk? *shudders* i cant understand people from Kerry the best of times but drunkin kerry people? Not a chance! Might as well be talking in swahili.
    I'm going back over to Scotland this May to visit Edinburgh again, and i'm hoping to go another two times because i really want to see Fyvie castle and Culzean Castle before i head on my big trip next year!
  6. I am never wrong about that kind of thing - yeah we may generally be the most difficult people in the world to understand, especially if we are drunk....which fortunately is only 98.625% of the time
  7. Answer to you LitNetM-T
    Yes i blushed quite a bit and ran off line. I get embarressed easily!
    Still think you are wrong though!
    And yeah... I dont understand people who dont like Scotland, but then again i dont understand some people in scotland. Had a Toastmaster up in Banff constantly chatting to me at a wedding and i didnt understand half of what he was saying.
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