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  1. I got my shoulder all taped up today. the support feels so good!
    I also got electricuted!
  2. oh! I forgot to tell you... Paul O' Connell got made Lions Captian! 14 irish players added to the team! And the england player Moyne was selected. Personally, i believe he was the force that kept the Scots back during the England game. I think there are only two scots...
  3. yep.
  4. soon.
  5. I'm having some problems. Need to restart.
  6. no probs.
  7. thanks had a quick look, seems interesting
    If you are ever bored and looking for info regarding systems you can use in your store for if and when the time comes in the future. This is about the Dynamic RMS with RMSynergy. Of course in ten years time there will be something a million times better and easier than this!
  9. yeah no prob thanks
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