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  1. Delta, true astrology it's quite different from what we read in the newspapers...each sign has is own strengths and weaknesses, any sign is better than another, usually - from the astrological viewpoint - each one of us is a mix of different signs. Sometimes, we approach the monthly archetype but not always...that depends on your birth hours. My relationships with sagittarius women were always very rich but also very complex...a shuttle between strong attraction and strong repulsion.
  2. Lol I wasn't referring to the '&' with your poem Jeos since you didn't use it and I'll believe your statement about William Blake. I do have some of his poetry tucked away on my dusty bookcase. Yes I'm sagitarrius. Is that an issue?
  3. You are inspired today! ;-)

    Just a curiosity: William Blake was a fan of the "&" and some consider him a trail-blazer in the history of poetry. If if you haven't yet read his poetry I can send you seems that he was highly appreciated because of his revolutionary ideas on women's rights !
    Format: Absolutely, that's something I always take in consideration.
    So you're a Sagittarius...!
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