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  1. Enjoy the dead bird...
  2. Have a nice Thanksgiving!
  3. I was...
    She made a wonderful dinner. Her sister was there as well, and we watched Bridge to Terebithia. Now I'm posting Andrew Sisters songs to her wall.
  4. Tell me you are at HER house. I hope so...
  5. YOur box is full, but that is AWESOME news!
  6. YOur box is full. Anyway, that is AWESOME!
  7. No more Halloween parties, but there are several events in November and December. Her birthday bonfire, The Nutcracker, a Christmas open house/Christmas Caroling, my Victorian Christmas party...maybe a New Year event...we'll see.
  8. How many more parties do you have? How many have you and your pretty lady gone too?
  9. Stick around...there's a poem brewing...
  10. Rock on! Happy Halloween!

    Hope your party is AWESOME!
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