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  1. Hi! I haven't been on lately. Right now I'm just going around and saying hello to everyone. So how have you been?
  2. I'm doing well. thank you. it's just been really hot here. glad to here about your mom. where'd you go for vacation? have a good time? hope so.
  3. Hi! I've noticed we haven't been in contact for awhile. I hope all is well. Now I am about to admit I am horrible at begining a conversation and so I give the task to you. That is if you even remember me.
    How is your mom doing? I hope everything gone good.
  4. What was the operation for? I'm glad it was successful! It is great to talk to you again.
  5. Hello! I haven't been on lately, as you can tell. Like said before, I have been buisy, And you would like to know I don't go on other than on the weekend.
    Well i don't have much to say except that, and your moms operation? What happened? I hope she gets well very soon.
  6. Hello my dear Amalia! It feels so nice to be messaging you again. I've been busy with school and cleaning the house. How have you been? Message me as soon as possible. I might not be able to contact you for another week or less, we are going to be busy this week. Our Play "Into the Woods" is in one month and we are still working on the costumes. And voice lessons, visiting my sister, and... not getting behind in shcool. Which seems to be my habit.
  7. I am doing very well! I went behind in shcool and had to catch back up. But all is well.
  8. Happy new year to you too!!!!!!!!
  9. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1How Life treating u? Haven't seen you lately! Hope your felling good.
  10. I love the new avatar!!!! It's great!!!
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