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  1. Great to hear you're all healthy. There seems to be less traffic here. I've been kinda lurking.
  2. Hey how are you? It's great to hear from you. No, I don't come by often. Do you? I would if I knew people here, but it seems so foreign. Are you surviving the virus? We're all well.
  3. How are you? Guess you haven't been here.
  4. Hey there. We haven't spoken in a while. Hope things are well.
  5. Thank you my friend. I'm happy things are going well.
  6. Hi Virgil,
    Nice to see you around and thanks for stopping by the blog. Things are actually going well, although I realize in my blog they don't sound great. Your blog descriptions of your trips to Pennsylvania show how much fun families can have when time is taken to plan meaningful trips. The picture of you going down the rainbow slide with Matthew is precious. I particularly enjoy your informative blogs about history or general background information. It is good to learn about the wolf sanctuary- just in case I am over that way with my family. The wolves are beautiful. I cannot believe the place is run by volunteers. So glad to watch Matthew become a young little man. Time does pass!
  7. If you have a minute, check out some pictures I took while at a wolf sanctuary. At my blog:

  8. Thanks for updating me about your blog. Both were lovely posts. It really is amazing how fast these boys grow. I just left a message under anonymous. Good to hear from you!
  9. If you finally do pop into my blog, check out my Father's Day and Matthew's graduation posts:

    Think you might enjoy them.
  10. How are you and the new baby doing? Hope you are all well. Have a blessed Easter.
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