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  1. Ha, ha, I'm glad to know that you're a lady. If not, your last two poems would sound strange.
  2. I'm a woman. Lol!
  3. Excuse me, I thought of you as a he in the past because of your screen photo, but after reading the last two poems of yours, I have a different idea. Are you a lady? Pardon for my rudeness.
  4. I just ran across your poem that you posted during the night in this part of the world. It's beautiful and charming
  5. We are all well. Thank you!
  6. Thanks for dropping by and your kind wishes. Merry Christmas to you too. Hope everything is alright with you and your loved ones.
  7. Hey! Merry Christmas- if you celebrate it! Your poetry has been a nice little breath of fresh air over the years. I see you are writing a lot. That's great! I'd like to write more, but I lack the time or the discipline. Hope you don't mind I stopped by. Cheers!
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