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  1. Excellent! I started reading some of your stories. Entertaining as always!! I'll comment when my anxiety subsides.
  2. Yes, alive and well. (so far)
  3. Are you still here? Looks like it.
  4. My old friend! Please be more specific about what you want me to read. I did not find what you mentioned on Facebook. good times always my California native friend!!
  5. Hey! How are you? I need to hear some updates from you. It's been like since September- how's it hanging! That last piece was so unusual- loved it.
  6. Merry Christmas Steven!
  7. Hey- I felt kind of raw about my last critique of your piece. Hope you are well and still enjoying work.
  8. I try to stop by from time to time to say hello. How is it going? I am at the mercy of time writing a boring tedious paper about early mathematical thinking. Anyway, do you still like it or are you ready to kick some arse?
  9. Good to hear! Very happy for you. I bet you are smiling when you wake up in the morning, although I bet you usually wake up smiling.
    I'll send it along by the end of the week.
  10. Hi Steven,
    I'm trying to finish up a scene and when I'd done can you give it a peek?

    Have you started school yet?

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