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  1. We still think of you.
  2. Hey Cdn. Sending happy bright October wishes for you.
  3. Hey Cdn, I'm glad your out of the hospital; it's so good to see you back here. I am glad to know you are surrounded by your loving family. Take care. Know you are in our thoughts.
  4. Hey Cdn, PrinceMyshkin has kindly updated me. My thoughts and prayers are with you. You are strong, and you will be well, I know it!!!

    This is for you:

    A white flower grew
    black blight came upon it, but
    rose grew it away

    (forgive the pun! )
  5. Happy September to you too, Qimi. Yes, I'm now in Halifax, trying to get settled in a new apartment, a new university, a new anthropology department, and a new city. The learning curve is immense and the list of chores longer than you can imagine. But bit by bit I'm collecting the things I need to make life as pleasant as possible while I'm here. The city is quite pretty with lots of trees everywhere and lovely old Victorian homes, but I haven't explored much yet. Too busy dodging raindrops!! LOL!
  6. Happy September, too, Cdn. I take you are now at school, is it in Halifax, did you say? What's it like there? Are you settling in? Are you happy? Take care.
  7. Eeek! Happy Birthday Cdn! I was going to get back to you and say thanks for stopping by mazHur's page and joining us. This has been most fun and enlightening getting to know people. I have enjoyed it so much. Thanks for sharing some of your life with me. About the anthropology-it sounds incredible interesting, but I'm glad you're doing it! There is a book I read about and this woman goes down the Nile dressed as a man. She saw a picture of the country she could have seen in no other way. She said of the experience that it was like being 'let in on the secret.' And I would love to experience that...but I envision it without any petty details like actually working or thinking!!

    I hope your birthday was joyful. Have a lovely day.
  8. Anthropology is the study of man and culture, and it basically means you have to learn about everything that we do, such as politics, religion, economics, language, and lots more. My Masters topic will be on government policies and human reproduction, such as the one-child policy in China. I'll be looking at how women's and children's rights are abrogated by such policies, and how women use different strategies to regain power over their own bodies. I'm planning to go on to a PhD with a focus on memory, kinship, and gender in reference to the loss of the family farm in Canada. Was that way more than you wanted to know??? LOL!
  9. That sounds like fun. What will that involve studying specifically and what will you do with it when your finished? I have a vague idea of what anthropology is, and it sounds very interesting to me. In fact, my students, last spring, took a little test that gave them information on possible future careers, and I took it, too. One of the career possibilities it gave me was anthropology. It is a big step, and I would feel terrified, too, but I know you will do well.
  10. Teaching Reading sounds like fun! I'm taking an MA in Social Anthropology at Dalhousie University. Excited...and TERRIFIED! Hahaha....
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