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  1. Oh, hehe, well - I chose Nikolai mainly because I liked the name. Also it is the first name of Gogol, an author I like. And the second I, I just added because without it the name was taken. I sort of had the idea of it being in place of a middle name - Ilyich. But then later I learned there was a king or someone named Nikolai I, being Nikolai the first.
  2. Yanni's music is not to my liking, NikolaiI, but hanks for asking.
    Now please tell me on your penname choice!

  3. By the way, if you write on my page then it will show up an alert to me that you wrote, just like it shows you when I write on yours.
  4. Oh I meant to ask if you chose the name in appreciation of that Yanni.
  5. is your name the same yanni as this?
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