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  1. Thank you. Missing you too. I do pop in on the odd occasion, but don't post anything. Thanks for taking the time to visit my profile
  2. Hi Maryd. You've been missed.
  3. Oh dear... I don't post much these days. Lovely to hear from you though. I pop on and check my pm's or profile messages.
  4. Hi, wishing you a happy New Year.
  5. Welcome.
  6. Did I read correctly... Is it somebody's birthday today. If so then have a really good birthday tailor.
  7. I know, someone elso just mentioned that I was a little early. But it is 11.05am here on the 14th Feb. Funny word we live in.
  8. Happy Valentines Day to you my dear. Mwah to you.
  9. Hey nothing to forgive. Glad to see you can stay away from the web for so long... Don't know if I can do that. Might try it one day... But alas my addiction keeps beckoning me to deliver. So here I am, on again. May have to take a break soon though, must say I am going a little crazy with it all. But until then the mad woman lives... Hahaha.
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