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  1. I think the hardest thing about writing, and this was a point brought up by Ira Glass which I thought was spot on. He said something like as a broadcaster, he had to close that gap between where he was, as far as skill and ability etc., and where he knew he should be. It's like you know that place and what sounds good, but it's just a matter of getting there even though you know that your stuff just doesn't measure up. It was like that with me and writing. One of my favorite writers is Tolstoy, and when I look at his writings, or any really good writer for that matter, then look at my own, it's very tough not to get discouraged. I know I shouldn't have given up. It's always just easier to keep reading instead of writing. I'm getting back to the short story thing though. I have many many ideas that I'd like to work on. Looking forward to reading your stuff as well.
  2. Hey, Charlie. I think I like the fact that people here love to read and write. It's quite stimulating.

    I saw your vignette, and left a comment. I'm an English teacher, but still I often feel at a loss when faced with giving feedback or analysis of someone's work.

    Why had you given up writing?
  3. Yeah, I gave up writing for a while. Still not sure if I want to take it up again. But I thought I would post a few more stories just for kicks. Not sure what I like best about this site. Probably the fact that there are so many classic works of literature that you can read on here for free. And it's a place where I can find others who enjoy reading the same kind of stuff that I do. Outside of cyber-space, I know of very few people who share my interest in great books. What do you like best about it?
  4. Thank you for the friendship request. I see you've been a member for a while, but post only occasionally. I'm glad you've stuck around.

    What part of lit-net do you like the best?
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