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  1. People can be amusing

    I have blog that is dedicated primarily to my darker interests as it were in which I post articles about vampires, werewolves, historical witchcraft, and a variety of subjects relating to myth and lore, and both how they appear in folklore, history, and modern media sources and so forth and a while back I posted an article about Medieval torture devices that were used upon alleged witches and heretics. And someone posted a comment in which they mentioned warlocks. Which was basically the word used ...
    Random Musings
  2. Earth Smells: A List

    Here are the top 5 earthy smells that will ever grace your olfactory nerve:

    1. The steam from peeled potatoes boiling in a pot of water

    2. The morning air after mowing the grass

    3. Dry yerba mate tea

    4. The dust trail that a pick-up leaves after speeding down a gravel road in the dry August heat

    5. The methane bubbles that tumble up from the mucky river-bottom

    Each of these smells brings me a joy of hearth, ...

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  3. Home Away from Home

    We’ve been here now about ten days and we’re sort of getting used to life here. First of all we’re in an apartment rather than a hotel. Though it feels a bit cramped – I’ve never lived in an apartment before, always a full home- compared to our house, I think the apartment was a better choice. The building is not much to look at from the outside. We’re one floor up a dingy, musty hallway where the floor is raw concrete and the hall window glass is partially broken. We didn’t think this was going ...

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  4. Kids, Vertigo, Tsunamis: A Dream

    by , 05-26-2010 at 11:00 AM (A Mirror Floating in Water)
    I had a dream that dozens of family members that I didn't know at all had visited with ten or eleven prepubescent nine-year olds running around and screaming. Then the adults decided that we should make food for the picnic, so all of the kids got out their blenders and put in whatever food they liked and blended it. I was a bit worried about the one which had mixed meat and milk together.

    Suddenly, I found myself in a movie theatre with all of the same obnoxious kids, and we were ...
  5. Similes

    by , 05-26-2010 at 08:36 AM (Rabid Thinking)
    While growing up I had always had trouble with reading, teachers never understood why, it wasn't that my comprehension level was low but that I could not spell, understand even the slightest law of grammar and read anything more then picture books.

    I was Twelve before I learnt how to read effectively, and it was of a complete accident. I was walking through a book store and I saw a book called the "World of Similes" which I read as the "World of Smiles."