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  1. Vultures

    As a wealthy and environmentally conscious member of society, you will doubtless be aware that the Vulture has, perhaps, hitherto suffered from something of a bad press. The humble Vulture has been saddled with an unfortunate reputation in the media along with the unfortunate Raven, as something of a harbinger of doom. Its predilection for haunting battlefields together ...

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  2. I Don't Want To Be Friends

    I Don't Want To Be Friends

    I am not the sort
    that can remain as
    just simply friends,
    this is not on account
    of any staying feelings
    of bitterness, wasted anger,
    or the fear of pain and lingering

    But rather
    I am one who likes the past
    to be left well behind me,
    I have no use for dwelling
    upon the what once had been's
    or what could be's.

    I like to keep everything
    My Poetry
  3. Six Weeks

    Today made six weeks since we left home. I have to say itís getting tiresome. We were supposed to get a court date by the end of the week and it didnít come through. Now theyíre saying weíll know possibly by Monday afternoon. I hope so. My job is getting antsy. We were hoping for a quick court date to make up for the delay at the beginning, and it didnít happen. I had said I would be back at work sometime before the end of June. Then I told them I would be back by the fourth of July. Now ...

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  4. what to do when you just want to scream

    by , 06-25-2010 at 04:58 PM (day in a life)
    there seems to be some sort of trouble with the apartment my ex was supposed to get by the end of the month... the woman who owns the apartment said the old tennent isn't sure right now about what to do and if she should leave! I am so mad about this cause this whole month has been tiresome and I have been sleeping on the sofa or in my sons bed and I am just done with this relationship and I just want to be free from it.

    she was gonna talk to the girls this weekend so I hope it will ...
  5. All For Naught

    This is my tableau from Vanity Fair, in which Rawdon finds Becky with Lord Styne and demands she remove all her jewels and trinkets than storms out leaving her alone with the remains of her vanity.

    My Photography